Airbnb Home

A Product for Airbnb improve communication and experience between the host and guest by removing points of friction from cultural and language barriers

Duration   12 Weeks (Work in progress)

Project description   Capstone project

*This project does not reflect the views of Airbnb. 

Common struggles with sharing accommodation

While traveling overseas became incredibly accessible due to sharing accommodation such as Airbnb, there are some problems that travelers have faced during the trips such as the language barrier, cultural difference, inconsistency in service, and limited access to host or information about a house which make people hesitate to travel or lead to an unpleasant experience. 

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Let's meet Airbnb Home

Airbnb home assists both a host and a guest. Airbnb home will provide a service to facilitate seamless communication and enhance the elevated experience for both a host and a guest while it reduces the stress and the risk that both parties commonly encounter.  For the host, Airbnb home provides a customizable check-in & out system, house manual that utilizes AR and lastly a customizable guidebook for guest. For the guest, the information the host provides will be translated into his language preference.


Airbnb Home is here to assists you

After making a lot of physical prototypes, I decided to move on with the rounded form with slightly curved back. The soft curved form was designed to give a sense of inviting and calming to people and allow the device easily blend into cozy home space. The curves around the edge create small space for fingers so it is easy to pick up and hold on to the device. 

Easy check-in & out

Built-in barcode reader allows guests to scan their ticket that contains the information about the trip to start check-in process. Once they can the ticket, their Airbnb preferences are automatically synced up.

Smart AR House Guide

With AR camera on the back of Airbnb home, a host can create personalized a house guide and a manual for devices at his house. His guest can also utilize it to view AR house guide the host provides.

Exploring a house can be fun

Hosts have four options to choose from to make a home guide. They can draw a cute face, record a video about how to use a remote control for TV, take a photo or leave a note where their guests can store their groceries. 

Real-time translator 

Because guests often have difficulty with using appliances or devices at home due to a language barrier, sometimes hosts undergo a situation where they need to fix or replace some of their properties. Real-time translate feature helps guests with translating foreign languages on devices to utilize the things they need and reduce the risk of damaging property.

Help your guests live like a local

Hosts can share their favorite brunch places, hidden places travelers can't find, coffee shops or even places where guests can buy things they forget to pack or emergency things.

Airbnb Home_Updated_key242.7Airbnb Home_Updated_key242.7

Easy to charge and store the device

Airbnb home consists of the main device and the charger that can be installed on a wall. When the device is not in use, normally it leaves on the charging dock and a user can remove it from the charger as they need. The wireless charging dock is convenient to use and it can be installed anywhere the user desire with few steps. It also indicates when the device is charging.