Airbnb Home

A system for Airbnb improve communication and experience between the host and guest by removing points of friction from cultural and language barriers

*This project is working in the process and it does not reflect the views or plans of Airbnb

Duration  12 Weeks (working in the process)

Project description   Capstone project

Introduce an assistant, Airbnb Home

Airbnb home assists both a host and a guest. For the host, Airbnb home provides a customizable check-in & out system, house manual that utilizes AR system and lastly a customizable guidebook for guest. For the guest, the information the host provides will be translated into his/her native language, so it is more accessible and comprehensive for them. The AR house guide will navigate them to learn about the place and give access to the information.

Greeting your guest with a welcome note!

As the host logins in with his/her preexisting Airbnb account, it automatically syncs up with Airbnb Home and the device will be ready for him/her to start setting up the home. The host can set up welcome pages for her guests with a greeting message, location of their room, house rules, and lastly, the wifi access.