Clorox Rebranding 

Featured on Packaging of the World / The Dieline

Duration   14 weeks

Project type   Rebranding Project

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Say goodbye to a dull cleaning routine and enjoy a playful experience with the new Clorox

The redesign of Clorox aims to change a dull cleaning routine to a playful experience for the younger audience by providing an elevated modern look that is relevant to millennials' current aesthetic. The new Clorox design will help them to be motivated and provide a playful experience.

Unique form language

The inspiration for the bleach bottle came from the circular motion people do when they clean countertops or dishes, and it blends nicely in a home environment. The handle of the bottle gives a comfortable grip and it feels nice in hands. The bleach pen has two sizes which are indicated with a different thickness of red line treatment on each side.