An educational mobile device for children in Dharavi, India

Duration   14 Weeks 

Project type   Sponsored project by Google 

Role   Product design        

Team    Dennis Dang & Kevin Liangcy (Graphic), Aska Cheung (Interaction) Tyler Gabriel (Product)

Our mission is to deliver relevant education everywhere in India 

Origami delivers education contextually and changes form to adapt to the student's situation.

Origami folds between full, tent, booklet, and pocket modes - physically adapting to Aditi's circumstance throughout the day.

Origami is a device that children can carry with them, and can change the outcome of their education. The device uses a foldable low power-draw color E-ink display with soft-touch silicon cover which allows it to transform into 4 different ways: Full, booklet, tent and pocket mode.

Durability, flexibility, and safety

No moving parts increase durability, flexibility, and safety. These are crucial design criteria for Origami and our user. With soft silicone cover, the four panels on the back provide extra protection and keep the device from any possible damages such as cracking the screen, water or dirt. A soft-touch finish of the silicone provides comfort and feels great in small hands.

Streaming only the essential parts of apps and delivering content when you want it and when you need it

We removed Apps and putting a focus on contextual content instead.  With Google Now X App Streaming service, the right Apps are streamed to the device at the right time and place which allows for self-organized learning. Children can spend less time searching through the App store and more time on consuming educational content.

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Energy efficient Solar charger

Children can charge their devices with the charger that is specifically designed for Origami. The portable charger is powered by solar energy which is easy to use, accessible and also it is a friendly solution for the environment. Built-in charging cable will help children to reduce the risk of losing cables.